Organisational knowledge segmentation – a vital part of your KM solution

by | Jul 28, 2020 | Products

The phrase ‘too much information’ may not seem applicable when you consider the way you train and educate your staff— but providing the right information is far more important than providing too much. Bombarding people with knowledge that isn’t relevant to them or their particular team or department can be detrimental when learning and deploying skills.

If you’ve ever started a new position whether it be at a new company or existing one, you’ll know what it’s like to be expected to learn every piece of information possible. It may be a revelation, but overloading and trying to take too much in can result in the information you do need becoming difficult to absorb. By restricting or limiting the knowledge that’s accessible to the most relevant and important content you can help onboard, update and communicate more efficiently and more effectively.

That doesn’t mean it’s not a good idea to get to know the anecdotal background story of your company, or to find out how to perform your role to the optimum level by discussing it with peers ⁠— but focusing on the information that will allow you to do your job best will help improve performance.

When it comes to managing teams and streamlining company performance on a large scale, it’s important to have a system that recognises which departments rely on which information and segment your company knowledge to where it can be best utilised and delivered.

A knowledge management system like Knosys KIQ Cloud takes it one step further, allowing you to grant access not only of specific documents, but information within those documents.

It allows teams to collaborate and share creative control and to learn within their own segments and even take quizzes.

claudio-schwarz-purzlbaum-bRejy-aKxv8-unsplashPhoto by  Claudio Schwarz

Now with remote working a hot topic, it makes more sense than ever to look specifically at how content and information segmenting can help your workforce more quickly understand and deliver service regardless of where they are.

Quickly grasping information means more efficient query handling and overall increased customer satisfaction and trust in your brand.

By controlling who accesses your information and at what level, you also control the quality of information that comes from your business by awarding ownership to those who have earned it, or who are tasked with delivering it in a certain way that meets your brand expectations.

You can better analyse important information and its delivery but keeping it relevant, and improve security processes by controlling information that may be restricted or confidential.

Use alters and notifications to communicate important updates and necessary changes to the right people without making open statements with the KIQ Cloud toolkit.

And with more companies moving to a remote workforce, security is paramount. Ensuring encrypted documents are delivered in powerful ways to the right team members is all possible with the right knowledge management system.




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