About Knosys

Knosys is a global software-as-a-service (SaaS) information technology company offering a range of software solutions designed to boost productivity, collaboration and information connectivity in the digital workplace.

“Our mission is to empower organisations to make smart connections with their information, thereby elevating business information from a source of complexity to a clear business advantage.”

We create innovative software solutions in the areas of knowledge management and modern “out-of-box” intranets; delivering information that is easy to access, control but more importantly with relevance and clarity.

Our cloud-based solutions cater to the masses by simply and intelligently centralising everything that’s important to you – giving business advantage.

A brief history

Knosys has been through a number of iterations in its journey that has strengthened it as a company. Knosys Limited (Company) was admitted to the Official List of the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX Limited) on 7 September 2015 and listed under ASX symbol KNO. Our focus at that time was on enterprise knowledge management solutions for customers in banking and finance industries. We pivoted to a cloud based knowledge management solution in 2019 as we saw an opportunity both in enterprise and mid-market for our technology.

In 2021, we acquired GreenOrbit Pty Ltd a cloud based modern intranet company to our software solutions portfolio. This broadened our reach globally and added new industry verticals such as retail, health and legal to business.

Annual reports

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