Our team

The team is committed to our customers and always happy to connect with you.

John Thompson

Managing Director

20 years building teams and transforming technology businesses into global companies. Sports bike fanatic.


Nic Passmore

Chief Technology Officer

Always finding ways to innovate and develop technology for real world users. Aviation enthusiast.


Stephen Kerr

Chief Financial Officer

Likes to bring order and shine a light of operational information to drive accountability. Sportsman part-time athlete. 

Melissa Mercer

VP Sales & Marketing

Thrives on aligning customer needs to solution sales and lives by the mantra you’re only as good as your last sale. Star Wars geek.

Lesley Maea

VP Customer Success

Thrives on making sure customers experiences are great from first engagement to live usage.


Jason Davey

VP Product & Technology

Passionate technologist who believes in creating outstanding products for outstanding customer experiences.

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