Connecting People and Information

Knosys creates software to empower organisations, providing them with new ways to find, use and share information, which allows them to better deliver to their customers, employees and stakeholders.

Knosys software-as-service solutions boost productivity, collaboration and connectivity in the digital workplace. We simply build great software.

Intuitive platform supporting your teams and customers

Knowledge management solution designed to simplify, centralise and organise the sharing of knowledge. Make it easy for your teams in customer contact centres, service desks, frontline offices and online self-service channels to find the right information, exactly when they need it. Explore our knowledge management capabilities and see how the solution provides direction for workflows, processes and compliance.

Everything you need built in

Every day your people use many different tools to get work done. Documents, group chats, forms, workflows, onboarding, calendars, leave requests. Explore our complete set of intranet features to see how you can deliver an exceptional digital workplace experience – equip your people to go further and go faster. Easy to use, easy to manage.

380,000+ happy users around the world

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