Making your COVID-19 response an investment in the future

by | Jul 16, 2020 | Products

There’s a saying that ‘a puppy is not just for Christmas’ ⁠— and it’s true!

People tend to get caught in the moment, carried away by an idea or occasion, making snap decisions without thinking things through or adequately preparing.

When it comes to a big software investment, think of it like a puppy. It needs to be considered, trained, introduced to every member of the family and those members need to be given responsibilities and tasks to ensure the puppy transitions into the home safely, is nurtured and taken care of. What you get in return for putting in the work is invaluable, but the work must be consistent and not periodic. Starting out always requires the most effort though in time the training aspect takes care of itself.

When your considering a choice for your knowledge management solution – you need to consider what platform will serve your team best and which will fit in and be managed by your team in a way that ensures its enduring benefit.

Deciding to invest in knowledge management is a great first step, but it’s vital that you carefully consider which solution fits best. What are the things you are looking to change and manage and what are the most significant processes that matter to your teams?

Responding to the recent and ongoing pandemic known as COVID-19 has meant investigating the best methods to manage working from home and all that comes with that concept.

Adjusting from a standard office environment to working from home and shifting training models comes down to industry requirements and customer behaviour and expectations.  But there is no challenge that cannot be overcome with the right tools, attitudes, and leadership guidance.

When it comes to recognising the power of knowledge management we would recommend looking at how you currently create, share and convey all forms of company knowledge to your staff and your customers and ask yourself if it works? If it’s sustainable? If it’s future proof? And if it will aid in innovation and evolution of your service and brand? When it comes to ensuring your messaging is not only accurate but up to date and relevant to the teams it’s available to

How do your employees locate information and how long does it take them to find the information they need and communicate it correctly to customers?

hunter-haley-s8OO2-t-HmQ-unsplashImage: Hunter Hadley – Unsplash

When considering your knowledge management investment, look for:

  • Smart search functionality
  • Staff training and onboarding functions
  • Content migration tools
  • Content creation guides and tools to enable collaboration and monitorisation
  • Document ownership, control, and authorisation
  • Bespoke site builders for different teams or individuals to ensure relevance and usability
  • Access to tech support when you need it

Taking the time to make your KM system part of your organisation and giving it the best chance for success means ensuring every member that uses it, is familiar with why, how and what they can do to make it a success. Communication is key, with or without a knowledge platform


If you’re ready to have the conversation and do the preparation to introduce knowledge management to your teams, here are some simple steps you can follow to ensure a comfortable and long serving integration.

  • Devise a plan to implement the KM migration across your company and split your workforce into team that will access and control their own areas of information
  • Create a team that will project manage the integration and implementation
  • Set new goals that will be achieved when working from within the platform so you can share success with everyone
  • Work with your tech support team to understand which functions, tools and features will be best suited to your business
  • Talk to us about any additional feature you’d like to see
  • Name your site(s) and create a sense of pride and ownership within the platform so it easily become part of everyday

Get on the phone and speak to one of our friendly knowledgeable team today to ensure our solution is right for you and start thinking of a timeline and execution plan to roll out the investment that will futureproof your business.


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