GovWare 2019 – the cyber security event for compliance conscious organisations.

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Last week we attended our first Singaporean event since officially opening our bricks and mortar office in the country. Our team has been raring to go, and this was a good chance to dip our toes in the vast water that is the Singapore technology events landscape.

Our aim was to introduce our brand to some of the forward-thinking companies looking to improve the functionality, productivity and security of their businesses.

Choosing an event like Govware was strategic because we wanted a platform to immerse ourselves in possibilities and meet lots of people as eager as us, to learn and network.

Being a predominantly security focused event, Govware attracts organisations who care about things like quality, compliance, service standards and privacy, so although knowledge management solutions weren’t necessary on top of the agenda for many attendees, it gave us an opportunity to open up those conversations and find out what really matters to some of you.

As mentioned in the opening address by Dr Janil Pthucheary, Senior Minister of State for Communications and Information, ‘It’s crucial for leaders to look at their businesses and determine if they require more innovative solutions for their cyber needs’. It seems this would be the perfect space to discover some of those solutions and how they fit into long term business plans to help achieve primary goals and expand already existing ideologies around the meaning of securing the digital economy.

As it turned out, the event was packed with visitors and on day two the queue of hundreds could be seen extending as people waited to collect their passes. There were lots of innovative solutions exhibiting their technology solutions and it was great to see our own solution attract curiosity due to our unique proposition.

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We spent the day connecting with some insightful people including CXOs from industries of specific relevance to our solution including environment and water resources. From these discussions we learned how important it is for engineers to be able to access information instantly to solve urgent problems for their customers. Knowing we have a product that addresses this very issue made these conversations even more valuable. We were also able to recognise the important role we have in the future-proofing strategies of these businesses and government departments.

On day three we had a welcome change of pace that meant we were able to have more in-depth conversations with people from different sectors such as banking and finance, transportation and shipping and also meet other vendors and learn even more about the cyber technology space and what different clients needed from technology providers.

The networking at this event was a valuable exercise and we look forward to not only providing solutions to some of the people we met but collaborating with them as well.

Thank you to everyone who took the time to chat to us and make our first event a worthwhile experience that we can learn from. If you’d like to see us at an event near you, let us know or get in touch – we’re looking forward to hearing from you!


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