Expanding into the New Silicon Valley and Succeeding Through Innovation

by | Aug 1, 2019 | Success Stories

We might not be the noisiest company 2019 has seen to date, but we have been working overtime behind the scenes to expand Knosys both here in Australia as well as our other markets with our cloud-based solution – KIQ Cloud. We’re excited to be officially taking big leaps in the ‘Silicon Valley’ of the Asian economy – Singapore, opening a new office and exploring the opportunities with new and existing organisations across multiple sectors.

Singapore is home to a huge number of start-ups, backed by investment from the Singaporean government. But Knosys is expanding our offering and bringing our Knowledge Management platform to a range of companies and organisations who are set to benefit from the innovative, customer centric values our cloud technology provides.

Having a permanent, bricks and mortar presence in Singapore is a big step forward for Knosys and a key strategic move to help expand our cloud-based service and showcase the potential of structured knowledge management to existing organisations, as well as the bourgeoning start up economy in this fast-paced market.

Getting on top of content and company knowledge before it gets lost in a plethora of digital channels and owning that knowledge is crucial in the era of digital transformation.  Making onboarding more efficient, day to day practices more productive and governance and compliance easily achievable – is best practice for any serious organisation. If you can tick all of those boxes whilst delivering engaging and empowering experiences for employees and delighting customers, then you’ve earned that banana lounge poolside – at least for 5 minutes or so.  

Knosys aims to be pivotal in helping more companies recognise the value of their employees, while bringing technology such as AI and chatbots into the customer service mix. Getting this balance right helps our clients better understand their customer’s needs and deliver experiences and service that will see them succeed not just in the initial stages, but throughout their journey. We’re helping to achieve successful outcomes in the Australasian market to drive the economy forward, strengthening through innovation and providing the omnichannel presence needed to stay ahead of the game, predicting challenges and responding to client’s needs effectively, in real-time.

Join us as we celebrate the opening of our new office in Funan Singapore. Say hello, we’re eager to chat and get to know our new neighbours.


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