Intuitive next generation knowledge management

Our knowledge management solution inspires success and delivers powerful brand experiences.  Imagine your collective knowledge captured in one place, secured, organized, and easy to find. Now add intelligence through machine learning to personalise the experience and continually adjust the knowledge presented to your teams and customers.

We believe technology solutions should add value and be useful to every member of your team and to customers. So we built KnowledgeIQ – for your business for everyone

Understand how your teams can deliver exceptional experiences to your customers. Learn, resolve, teach, create, control, and deliver exceptional experiences. See how knowledge management empowers and creates business advantage.

Customer Support and Success Teams
Omnichannel Customer Engagement
Marketing and Sales Teams
Frontline Teams – Distributed Operations
Governance and Compliance
HR and People Teams

We listen to our customer’s needs – building & delivering features that matter to them

Quizzes to test knowledge

Simply providing access to information, process guidance and answers is not always enough. Send a quiz after a set time period to further engage and gain insights into your team’s proficiency.

Control Access to Your Knowledge

A central, cloud-based knowledge platform enables you to keep your content secure and private.

Access Anytime & Anywhere

Empower employees, customers and partners to find information on-the-go with a responsive web design that works on laptops, tablets and mobile phones.

Analyse & Understand Behaviour

Get valuable insights on the search pattern of your employees, customers and partners and track user behaviour. Understand the frequently visited pages, most read articles, average time spent on a page, and more.

Easy Browser-Based Content Creation

Because KIQ Cloud is entirely web-based, you don’t need to download or install any software. Write and edit content with the inbuilt WYSIWYG editor, get started with KIQ Cloud team.

Enrich Your Content with Images & Videos

Create attractive and engaging content with KIQ Cloud. Easily include images and videos in your knowledge articles to make it attractive and more informative.

Improve Governance & Compliance

KIQ Cloud allows you to customise approval and publishing processes, moderate forums and audit for compliance purposes to protect your brand.

On-Board Staff & Customers Fast

Reduce training time for staff, and explanation time for customers, by providing guidance and visual work-flows on how to approach and complete tasks.

Get going

Let’s explore how KnowledgeIQ can get your organization where it needs to go. Schedule a demo with one of our KM experts today.

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Increase in team productivity


Reduction in staff onboarding time


Improvement in sales campaign performance

Our customers experience a range of game-changing benefits – transforming lagging processes and enriching data and knowledge companywide.


380,000+ users around the world

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