GreenOrbit - a modern intranet solution

A modern intranet solution has the power to transform your business

Our GreenOrbit intranet solution delivers a digital workplace that combines traditional intranet functionality with collaboration, social networking, and intelligent information distribution in a single platform. Imagine an intranet that enables seamless communication flow, allowing employees to connect, comment, ask questions and find information in an easy way. Help make work a happier place for all.

We believe technology solutions should add value and be useful to all your employees. So we built GreenOrbit – to empower their digital workplace – driving productivity, collaboration and business advantage.

Understand how next generation intranet powers employee engagement, paves the way for team collaboration, and propels you past the competition.

knosys company intranet

Company Intranet

Your employee engagement platfrom

Employee engagement is a top priority for companies who want to drive productivity and win the war on talent. Deliver a digital workplace experience that gets people going – finding what they need, collaborating, soaking up the culture, and coming back for more. Your intranet software is key to making your company the place to work.

Enterprise social network

Your collaborative intranet portal

Effective collaboration is more important than ever – it’s the secret sauce of innovation and competitive advantage. But it doesn’t just happen. Your people need the right tools and a space to collaborate. Your GreenOrbit intranet is the best way to share documents, ideas and conversations within and across your company.

enterprise social network
knowledge management

Knowledge management

Your content management system

Your GreenOrbit intranet is an all-in-one CMS and document management tool. Organize your documents, images, reports and presentations in a central Enterprise CMS – with files categorized and tagged for easy retrieval.

Comms intranet portal

Your internal communications software

How do you make sure your message cuts through the noise? How do you make it stick? Emails get lost, go unanswered and end up in tangled threads. With all the disparate communication channels – it’s hard to know who’s seen what. Use your GreenOrbit intranet to calm the chaos – driving outcomes, not just output.

comms intranet portal
productivity and compliance

Productivity and compliance

Your human recources hub

HR transformation is part and parcel of the new world of work. Human Resource professionals are looking to spend less time on ‘busy work’ or ‘administration’ and more time focusing on broader business strategy. GreenOrbit takes the grunt work out of the equation.

Digital workplace experience

Your out-of-the-box productivity platform

Productivity takes a hit when employees waste time navigating shared drives and obscure folders to find the information they need. Get your assets organized in one central location alongside the collaborative conversations that bring them to life. You can measure your intranet’s ROI based on the concrete productivity gains that a GreenOrbit intranet can provide.

digital workplace experience

We listen to our customer’s needs – building & delivering features that matter to them

Centralized communication

Centralized communication

Communicate & learn

Keep your employees in the know and on the same page with all the features you need to centralize communications and information.

Document management

Document management

Create & contribute

Our intranet portal includes centralized document management and a sophisticated user-friendly CMS – empowering your content creators to contribute and publish from across the organization.

Social intranet

Social intranet

Connect & collaborate

Equip your people to get work done with all the features they need to discuss and solve problems, provide feedback, execute projects, and celebrate great work.

Branded intranet

Branded intranet


An intranet design you can create and manage. Deliver optimal engagement and performance with all the tools you need to match your brand and culture.



Integrate & manage

Configure the technology to your organization’s exact needs with our technical features.

Get going

Let’s explore how Green Orbit can get your organization where it needs to go. Schedule a demo with one of our intranet experts today.

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